Simplified Buying & Selling

Central Auction Group provides both buyers and sellers a unique opportunity to work with an expert throughout the auction. Our dedicated account team is made up of individuals who have years of experience in analyzing distressed, damaged, or salvage inventory for a variety of industries. At no cost to you, they will be available to you throughout your transaction to ensure you are making the most informed decisions and that you receive the best possible result on both sides of the transaction. This service is what truly separates us from all auction sites.


Free Listings

Central Auction Group also offers free listings for any item up for auction. It’s our way of removing unnecessary fees to ensure sellers come back for more.




Logistics & Loading

Central Auction Group can arrange inspection and or pickup of vehicles when needed. In addition to assisting our users with shipping, we can also arrange loading when necessary. Please contact Central Auction Group at anytime for logistics support at (484) 593-2465 or email at



Central Auction Group has strategic relationships with storage facilities worldwide to assist all our users with storing inventory when a user needs an item removed in a short period of time. We can arrange storage for all types of units and accommodate almost any situation. If you have a particular item you need removed while it is listed on or picked up prior to when a buyer is ready for the item, please contact



Central Auction Group can help buyers acquire funding for particular types of items. If you are a buyer that is planning to bid on an item you will need financing to purchase, please contact us prior to bidding to discuss payment terms.

Contact us at (484) 593-2465 or email at


Central Auction Group
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